The Outdoorsy Diva™ Lauren Gay Works Couples That Appreciate Nature — But Not Bugs — Arrange Ideal Escapades

The Outdoorsy Diva™ Lauren Gay Works Couples That Appreciate Nature — But Not Bugs — Arrange Ideal Escapades

The Short type:  The Outdoorsy Diva blog site is perfect for whoever loves to check out the outside, but could do without the insects together with dirt. Maker Lauren Gay upgrades your website with innovative tour a few ideas, ideas, and product critiques to greatly help readers approach unique interesting escapades. The Outdoorsy Diva additionally encourages partners to step outside their particular convenience areas and check out brand-new tasks. From canoing to paddleboarding to solo international travel, your website features it all — no tiara needed.


We give consideration to myself an outdoorsy individual. I have taught yoga on paddleboards, gone backcountry kayak camping, and hiked over boulders to remote control campsites. I’ve also bathed in icy cold avenues and invested several hours upon hrs at beach, allowing my hair come to be tangled when I surfed. I have additionally got my show of individual experiences with animals, such as manta rays, elephants, dolphins, and bald eagles.

But some of my girlfriends think i am slightly insane. While most of my friends enjoy spending time in the wild and watching creatures — they even like some more creature amenities. As a result, they and their significant other people you should not embark on as numerous adventures when I usually. Many times, they aren’t certain how-to combine outside fun with their significance of convenience.

Lauren Gay, the founder of, can relate. She came from children that rarely continued outside activities. But a few years back, she began taking a trip and discovered out she had a genuine passion for character. Today, she shares an array of travel tips, recommendations for outside getaways, and even more to encourage ladies and their lovers attain confident with adventures that do not have to involve obtaining filthy.

“I began the blog to get in touch with individuals who like to spread the word about these tasks which aren’t commonplace among minorities and within the black society,” Lauren said. “We don’t develop carrying out those types of situations: canoing, paddleboarding, or going to the condition park. That isn’t the way in which we spent my youth. But hooking up with character and having outside, it’s important for your psychological and spiritual health.”

Lauren desires the woman visitors to know about the emotional and advantages of getting outdoors. And as one mother, she causes by instance.

“I felt like, if individuals watched me personally carrying it out, as an individual mommy, perhaps they might think they were able to check it out, also,” Lauren stated.

A well known Blog That begun as a Way to Try New Activities

Lauren mentioned she began the blog about five years ago in an effort to get a hold of situations she liked undertaking and share them with her friends and family.

“I recognized that i did not know which I became outside being a mommy. I experienced every one of these different things i desired to use. I wanted to take to kayaking or driving a horse, thus I only started doing those ideas,” she stated. “Some i did so on my own because my buddies were not curious. Then, we dated a guy who was outdoorsy, so we did some activities with each other, and I began revealing all of them on social media.”

Showcased by Lauren’s fun, honest, and down-to-earth writing style, your blog soon became popular. Your website includes numerous range, from details on foodie adventures around Fl — in which Lauren lives — to solo international experiences like a trip to the Azores Islands.

About 77percent of her readers tend to be ladies, and 64percent tend to be between 25 and 44. The majority are from U . S ., but about 25 % of her faithful visitors are from in other places around the world. Regardless from in which her visitors get on her site, Lauren allows you to smile along with this lady as she recounts the woman adventurous experiences.

Lauren Mixes Adventure With Glamour

Like many of my buddies, Lauren loves to enjoy the good both worlds.

“i really like character, and I like becoming outside the house, but Really don’t such as the items that come with character, like bugs and being hot,” she stated. “Really don’t take pleasure in the uncomfortable parts of hiking like asleep on the ground or perhaps not having countless facilities.”

For this reason Lauren very recommends glamping, a attractive type of camping. It is excellent for people that wish to connect to nature but without roughing it. includes many of Lauren’s experiences with glamping. Readers can check out the woman posts about the woman escapades at Cayo Costa county Park in Florida, glamping in the Tx Hill nation, in Utah, and a whole lot more. Audience attended to use her strategies for preparing journeys of one’s own.

“i have end up being the glamping guru, for a moment, for my personal visitors,” Lauren said. “People see everything about glamping, and so they deliver it if you ask me. I completed it a great deal.”

Inspiring Couples to Go on Nature-Centered visits Together

Along with information about household enjoyable tasks and product reviews on things like the greatest autos to rent out for a trip collectively, Lauren comes with a lot of techniques for lovers to own most readily useful vacation actually.

“you ought to be truthful with each other towards version of traveler you may be,” she stated. “If you aren’t someone who wants to have a rigid itinerary and you are with somebody who really does, you should consider that entering the excursion. And you need to produce some kind of damage.”

Additionally, it is OK to not ever end up being affixed during the stylish for the whole excursion, she mentioned. Whenever Lauren moved together with her ex-boyfriend, he constantly must perform a game of tennis wherever they moved. Which was great along with her — she enjoyed an afternoon visiting a museum or an aquarium and investing some quality time with herself.

One holiday she recommends for lovers is Bali, that’s ranked the top honeymoon places in this field. But Lauren says there’s really no cause to wait before the wedding day; couples can visit Bali to get in touch while getting a cooking class, going to grain fields, or spending the evening in a safari lodge.

An Empty Nest methods much more Stories to talk about With Fellow Outdoorsy Divas

As one mama of a teen boy, Lauren is quite hectic lately. However, her boy will quickly head to university, indicating she will do have more time and energy to travel and make content material and travel methods for the woman website. But she doesn’t have her journeys in the offing away as of this time.

“My travel looks are seriously adventurous, for sure. And impulsive. People think we spend a lot of months preparing a lot of the travels I’ve accomplished, but Really don’t,” Lauren said. “Instead, if I see somewhere or a hobby that i must say i want to try, we state, ‘Let’s accomplish that, let’s prepare it.'”

However, she has some tangible plans for future years. She actually is undergoing releasing a monthly Outdoorsy Diva podcast and adding further product reviews to her website.

“i do want to examine items for newbies like me that are stumbling and learning to use many of these circumstances,” she said.

She’s additionally attempting anything daring for just one mother: A blind big date vacation. She came across a guy online in a Facebook group just who stays in New York, in addition to their very first time are in Jamaica. And in case you are questioning the way it will turn out, Lauren will certainly inform the storyline on Outdoorsy Diva.

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