I Developed Emotions for My Good Friend. Must I Follow It?

I Developed Emotions for My Good Friend. Must I Follow It?

Reader Question:

we started developing thoughts toward certainly my close friends. I am the president of my dance club in college in which he’s my personal vice president. However, I can’t assist experiencing how I do toward him. I can’t rest, I can not focus, and every time I see him I get mixed thoughts. I’m sure i cannot like him because of the energy differential between all of us. He could be some younger and I also know it is likely to be uncomfortable basically state something. But sometimes where I feel the guy loves myself back by-the-way the guy acts toward me (i.e. texting me personally late into the evening, acting in a different way around me personally and among their pals).

May the guy have feelings for my situation, or can I also follow my thoughts toward my good friend?

-Charlotte (Seattle)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:

If a school man is actually texting you late at night, you’ll very nearly think he is contemplating you. The question remains, what’s the guy thinking about? Merely gender or a relationship?

You are directly to check out the energy differential assuming you two are to keep working with each other, you better be certain he is connection material before you decide to move ahead. A breakup would place truly terrible power into the club.

We’ll also request you to look into the nightclub principles. Do the principles club executive members from dating. Make sure not to ever violate an ethics term.

But if, actually, dating is permitted therefore take the time to make certain you’re drawn to him, i’d state it really is OK to date. But allow him lead. In the event that you lead, maybe it’s construed as an abuse of energy.

It is a vintage wait-and-see second. We promise, the solutions will unveil themselves should you just wait and view.

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